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11 September, 2020


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Press release





Utrecht, 11 September 2020 – KATE Innovations, a software developer, has acquired real estate platform AXIOM from Deloitte Real Estate. Data-sharing platform AXIOM, which was developed by Deloitte, gives owners control over the distribution of rental data, square meters and energy labels and offers data verification options. This gives banks a faster overview of financing opportunities and the status of financed real estate. And its digital exchange with appraisers leads to efficient and highly-accurate valuations. AXIOM complements KATE’s existing technology to organize the valuation process of real estate online. KATE is working with its shareholder BORON, the investment company of the J.A. Fentener van Vlissingen family, in taking the next step in the digital future of the real estate sector.


Real estate industry coverage

Streamlining and analyzing digital real estate processes based on data is an important shift in the industry. AXIOM is the link between property owners, advisors, banks and other participants in the real estate chain. Erik Schlooz, CEO of KATE Innovations says, “By combining KATE and AXIOM’s software, we offer owners the opportunity to structure and share rental data with financiers and advisors. This way, all parties use the same source data, which contributes to better quality and speed. And it can significantly shorten the lead time of, for example, the process of revising commercial real estate loans.’


Not just for banks

Property owners share rental information with banks, as well as with appraisers, notaries, investors and other advisors. Jurrien Veldhuizen, partner of Deloitte Real Estate explains, “We developed AXIOM as a solution for all data exchange within the chain. Currently, the first users are actively using the platform. It is natural to transfer AXIOM at this stage to a partner with a strong IT track record, but Deloitte still remains involved in advising on the platform developments. AXIOM promotes collaboration within the sector by making processes more efficient, reliable and secure.’



Banks in the Netherlands are already using the application through SBR Nexus. Sander Middendorp, Director of SBR Nexus says, “In our mission to easily and safely exchange the available, usable and reliable data, technology is crucial. The real estate sector is on the verge of a digital transformation. With KATE’s IT expertise and the real estate know how of Deloitte, we can make a difference together by taking data exchange to the next level through AXIOM.’


End of press release

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