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The appropriate documentation for a debt broker

KATE is deeply rooted in the real estate market and understands the complexity for intermediaries and debt brokers. Our products cover the full spectrum of appraisal, from set-up to assessment. Together we develop an objective and efficient process. For an intermediary or debt broker, the appraisal report is often a link in the whole process. It confirms the property value for the owner and provides clarity to financiers about the value and the funding level.

  • The Distribution System gives intermediaries and debt brokers the advantage that the appraisal is used simultaneously with the funding request, because that typically happened consecutively.
  • In this way, the process is substantially accelerated and shortened to a few weeks or faster. This is invaluable in applications where speed is essential.
  • The Assessment System helps intermediaries or debt brokers to interpret appraisal data and provides market insights.
  • This information can be integrated into credit proposals to the financier, which allows you to distinguish yourself and show your expertise.

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