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Workflow optimisation | No Blackbox | Faster and newer

Appraisal software

KATE’s appraisal software is the software solution for appraisers with ambition. This comprehensive system automates administrative tasks and thus maximises efficiency.

Accelerated reporting

Automated computations

Fully Customer specific configuration

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Data Management System

The Data Management System of KATE Innovations is the perfect tool for transaction management.

Central database for all transactions

Join the forces of research department and appraisers

Optimise the workflow for recording transactions

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Appraisal Assessment System

The Appraisal Assessment Systems of KATE Innovations is the perfect tool for any lender who wants to keep up with market trends and likes to streamline internal decision-making processes.

All appraisal data in 1 place

Fully customer specific configuration

Use the data for analysis or linking to other internal systems

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Appraisal Distribution System

The Appraisal Distribution System of KATE Innovations is the perfect tool for management of appraisal assignments.

Objective and reliable selection of appraisers

Highly automated and efficient process

Insights and sound results

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Pyramid of Ambition

Innovate your business step by step. From quickly written appraisal reports to data-driven valuations.

KATE's Story

When it comes to adapting to today's digital world, the commercial real estate sector is lagging behind. With its innovative system, KATE Innovations ensures a more efficient appraisal process of commercial real estate. Learn more about how KATE Innovations innovates.

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