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Data Management System

KATE Innovation’s Valuation Data Management System ensures that valuation data can be made available to valuers in a secure way. Receive valuation data from internal and external valuers and collect and save all data in 1 central location. Make data available to the right colleague through roles and permissions.


The ultimate solution

The Valuation Data Management System from KATE Innovations is the solution for organizations that want to handle their data carefully. Our software offers space for the safe storage of all valuation data in 1 central location. In this way a ‘single point of truth’ is created. Set up the desired workflows and assign different roles and permissions to ensure that the right department has access to the right data. Load all transaction data securely in 1 environment and stay in control. Let the research team collaborate with the valuation teams in a streamlined manner.

Our software ensures secure and streamlined storage and processing of valuation data. This not only saves time, but also helps keep your company organized by customizing different workflows, roles and permissions.

Join today and unlock the power of the KATE Valuation Data Management System.

The Data Management System is the ultimate solution for recording Transactions in one database




Central database of all transactions

Collect and store valuation data in 1 central location, create a ‘single point of truth’

  • Centralize valuation data
  • Receive data from various data formats
  • Avoid the risk of deleting data or versions

Join forces of the Research department with appraisers

Create synergy and optimal cooperation between both teams

  • Make valuation data visible in a Compview (comparable view)
  • Give different valuation teams access to different datasets
  • Improve internal collaboration and optimize processes

Optimize the transaction capture workflow

Optimize and customize processes

  • Customize KATE software, precisely tailored to your organization
  • Assign different roles, rights and permissions to valuation teams
  • Make more informed decisions based on the right valuation data