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KATE’s Story

KATE Innovations was established in 2016 by Rutger Janssen, Erik Schlooz and Roderik Gerritsma out of frustration with the inefficient valuation process of commercial real estate. When it comes to adapting to the digital world of today, the commercial real estate sector is lagging behind. The disruption of this sector calls for innovative changes. The answer to the problem is KATE Innovations. KATE develops software that organises the whole valuation process from A to Z. In this way, real estate companies are able to structure their data, optimise their workflow and develop new and future-proof business models. In addition, KATE offers IT solutions that enhance the collaboration of advisors, banks, and property owners within the eco-system of the real estate sector.



Erik Schlooz

Managing Director

Erik is always looking for opportunities. He is extremely motivated to innovate the real estate sector, and loves to see the changing environment in which the property market is finally getting on board the digitalisation-boat. Only one thing can get him at ease: golf!


Rutger Janssen

Director Business Development

After having worked for more than 10 years in real estate, it was clear to Rutger that this sector is in need of drastic innovation. He left his work as an appraiser behind him and plunged into entrepreneurship with as mission to let KATE change the way real estate works!


Roderik Gerritsma

Director Development

Between 2015 and now, Roderik achieved to build up KATE's platform from scratch and turn it into the successful software it is today. This man knows every inch of KATE. Besides that, you should also not underestimate his devastating tennis serve!


Niels Wever

Product Owner

Niels is our Product Owner. His job is to connect the Business and Development. If you need help, you can always reach out to him. During the weekends, Niels likes to play the drums in his band: Chad Smith is nothing compared to him!


Roald Neuteboom

Big Data Hero

Roald is our Big Data Hero. He's compelled about getting as much as possible out of KATE's data. In his free time he likes to play basketball and do some dancing. Also, he loves his computer hardware and games.


Yngwie Romijn

Country Manager UK

Yngwie has been a valuer for two and a half years and knows KATE inside out from the user’s perspective. He knows the power of KATE and is highly motivated to help UK valuers with KATE’s software. As Country Manager UK, where else could he live but London?


José Bloothoofd

Office Manager

From now on you can stop worrying, because José is a member of our team. This super woman can help you with everything, so please call if you have any questions in regards to our business, about our team or open positions.


Mario Nezmah

Front-end developer

Mario is a passionate developer who loves coding. Always dedicated to making a great front end for the KATE application. He is the one to ask when it comes to satisfying customers' needs with a new implementation or keeping the code up to date. When not behind the screen, you can find him exploring the great outdoors on a bike or hike.


Diana Martins

Frontend developer

Diana originally comes from Porto (Portugal). Diana is passionate about solving problems with inventive solutions. Need a book tip? Diana loves reading, spending time with her friends on the weekends or trying out new beer flavours.


Erik Goudappel

Business IT Consultant

In Erik's previous role he saw how the valuation process could be way more efficient with the use of modern IT solutions. So he joined KATE as a business consultant to combine his experience in real estate valuation and interest in IT to translate complex real estate questions into fitting IT solutions.



Software Architect

Nick creates the best solutions for software applications. Loves to organize the womibo (next to the vrijmibo) Furthermore he is the best DIY construction worker with a love for plastering walls in red or transforming his bathroom.


Lefteris Karagiorgis

Backend PHP developer

Lefteris comes from Cyprus. What he likes most about being a developer is that he gets the opportunity to solve complex and challenging problems and work with great minds around the world. In his free time he likes to be in nature, play with cats and listen to music.


Janek Ozga

Frontend Engineer

Janek loves working on innovative, durable products and concepts, and felt right at home at Kate! He has a focus on the user and the goal, not the means. He's got several years of experience in a wide range of disciplines, focusing on front-end web development and loves going outdoors to hike, ski, run or work in the garden..


Ruben Bardok

Support desk

Ruben brings creativity to the game. Is highly motivated to solve the problems users have and to have a positive contribution to KATE. He has a constantly growing board game collection, is a power lifter, likes to make music and also the owner of two beautiful cats.


Vincenzo Buczynski


Meet Vincenzo, an International Business student from South Africa. His job is creating innovative and creative content for KATE’s needs. Inspired to push the boundaries of content marketing, he utilises cutting edge technological tools to his advantage. Vincenzo is motivated to gain experience and provide a fresh perspective to our team.



Servicedesk & supportteam member

You are one of the best support team members there is and you really want to claim this spot. Apply now!



Business IT Consultant

You are one of the best IT minded valuers there is and you really want to claim this spot. Apply now!


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