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Valuation Management System

The KATE Valuation management system is the software solution for valuers with ambition. This extensive system automates administrative tasks to maximize efficiency and helps valuers save time in their daily work. The knowledge and skills of the valuer can be used to add extra value for customers. This innovative platform is the ultimate tool for valuers looking to streamline their workflow.


Efficient and data-driven software

KATE Innovations' Valuation management system is revolutionizing the way valuers work. Through efficient and data-driven software, KATE streamlines the valuation process from start to finish. With customizable roles and permissions, workflow automation, and powerful reporting tools at their disposal, valuers can quickly interpret market trends and accurately value property.

The KATE Valuation management system is designed to make life easier for valuers by relieving them of the tedious administrative tasks that often consume their time. With KATE, they can put more effort into what really matters - analyzing data and delivering accurate valuations. And with fast turnaround times for every valuation, KATE helps valuers stand out in a competitive market.

KATE Innovations' Valuation management system is changing the way valuations are done - becoming faster, smarter and more reliable than ever before. It's no wonder so many valuers are switching to this modernized system. Join them today and experience the power of KATE's Valuation management system.

KATE streamlines the valuation process from start to finish




Accelerate reporting

Increase efficiency and reporting output

  • Automated workflow
  • Pre-defined texts
  • Customer specific reporting

Automated calculation

Let the data work for you: real-time and digital through KATE’s validated calculation tool

  • Pre-filled model
  • Connected to the valuation report
  • Transparant formulas

Fully customer-specific configuration

Add extra value: adjust the configuration to wishes and branding of the client

  • Customized reports
  • Integrate customer's branding
  • Customize valuable fields to customer needs