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Valuation Distribution System

The KATE Valuation Distribution system is the perfect tool for managing valuation assignments. It streamlines processes and communication between all parties involved such as valuation partners and clients. Give parties involved access to real-time updates without having to switch between different systems. KATE will smooth out the process for you.

This distribution system is a revolution

The KATE Valuation Distribution system is a revolution in the way valuation assignments are managed. This innovative platform offers a smart, efficient, and objective way to enable parties to collaborate with valuation partners and clients for maximum control over the process.

Using the KATE Valuation Distribution system simplifies processes and enables parties to share important information securely and quickly on one platform. All parties involved in the transaction can access real-time updates and communicate without having to switch between different systems or platforms.

You no longer have to worry about miscommunication, delays due to manual processes or problems working with your business partners. Instead, take advantage of this next-generation system for an enhanced valuation distribution experience that brings all parties together.

Join today and experience the power of the KATE Valuation Assessment System.

Simplify processes and share important information securely and quickly on one platform




Objective and reliable selection of appraisers

Select the best appraiser and achieve better results

  • Quickly and easily find the most qualified valuer for your project
  • Better results with the best valuer for the right job
  • Ensures an unbiased selection process for valuers

Highly automated and efficient proces

Improve the accuracy of your output

  • Ensure accuracy in every step of the process
  • Spend less time and money on manual processes
  • Trust the process and get peace of mind

Insights and responsible results

Gain valuable insights and make informed decisions

  • Make data-driven decisions faster
  • Gain insight and understanding of your business and market
  • Achieve responsible results with data-driven strategies