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The new digital standard for Germany

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KATE´s platform is adjusted to the country that you are operating in. Find out more about KATE's smart IT solutions underneath:


CompView lets you explore your data through detailed filters, geolocated maps, and street view options so that efficient plannings of property inspections are safeguarded.

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Mobile Inspection Tool

The Mobile Inspection Tool is KATE’s mobile extension which lets you take the needed steps in the valuation process on location by using a smartphone or tablet.

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Conflict of Interest Check

Through the Conflict of Interest Check, appraisers can see exactly what previous involvement their valuation office had with a certain property and what their permissions are in this moment of time.

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Report Generator Tool

Through the Report Generator Tool, custom offers and reports can be generated. These offers and reports will be tailormade according to your wishes.

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Smart Valuation Process

KATE reassures a smarter valuation process in which efficiency and digitalization are key terms. Existing data about properties can be easily accessed and re-used, and portfolios can be composed in order to push a lot of valuations in just one click.

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